Our Wish-list is a combination of items needed by all teachers. The list changes slightly depending on the each month’s events, so please check back often.

Fundraising prizes and giftcards

Animation desk and Light Box

Printing services for fundraising materials

1/2-size manila envelopes

1”x4” Labels

2”x4” Labels



Chess sets

Lego Building pieces or sets

Gardening sets

Sports items

Jewelry Making tools

Art Supplies

Musical Instruments of all kinds for music lessons

Assistance in Library Expansion

Books for Library

Resources to create a Kidspace Museum inspired zone

Display cases to showcase the kids art projects

Paper Pads (Post-it notes)

Plain paper

Animation Paper

Heavy multi-media paper (to handle paints, pastels, ink)

Canvas/Painting Boards (that you paint directly on to)

Clipboards (to support the art while working)

Animation peg-bars

Animation Light tables

Extension cords/Power strips

Pencils (art pencils, 2B & 5B)

Pencil Sharpeners

Sharpie markers (Standard tip and thin tip)


Alligator Clips

Scotch tape & tape holders

Oil Pastels

Chalk Pastels

Brush Pens

Tempra paint cakes

Acrylic Paint

Non-drying clay (for stop-motion animation)


Paint Palate

Paint dishes & water cups (multi-use flat bottom bowls like Boone gallery)


Safety Paper Cutter

Craft Knife (for instructor)

Painter’s tape

Paper towels

Baby wipes

Storage Boxes


Camera Stand


IMG_3905 IMG_3907


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