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Strong, thriving schools are the foundation of a vital community. In Burbank, we are proud of our schools’ high standards of academic excellence, exciting enrichment programs, and award-winning performing arts.

The Burbank community has a deep generational connection to its schools, and it will take the support of our entire community to continue to provide the education needed to get our students college- and career-ready.

With support from parents, neighbors, and local merchants and businesses, we can provide a dynamic environment where art, music, technology, and academics provide our students with a complete education that prepares them for future success.

You can make a difference by donating funds, school supplies, equipment, or your time! Volunteer at a local school, or show your support by attending a school play, concert, or ball game. Get involved – make an impact.


Please Support Burbank Schools!

A quality education is everyone’s business.

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